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रीता भादुड़ी के निधन से दु:खी हैं 'अंगूरी भाभी' बोलीं- आप बहुत याद आएंगी

रीता भादुड़ी के निधन से दु:खी हैं ‘अंगूरी भाभी’ बोलीं- आप बहुत याद आएंगी

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TV actress Shubhangi Atre, who won the audience’s heart by the name of ‘Anguri Bhabhi’ on the small screen, is very sad due to the demise of Rita Bhaduri.
Shubhangi Atre said, “I am sad to know about Rita ji. His heart was very big. She was a wonderful lady and a woman full of positive feelings. She was a wonderful actress. When we were on the set, we lived together as a family. As soon as I got news of his demise, his memories got refreshed in front of me when we had enjoyed working with the set.
I’m missing them a lot when you lose your co-star, it’s really tragic, because we spend a lot of time together and become like a family. Reema and Rita were met on a set of ‘My Two Happiness’. We have enjoyed a lot together. May God give peace to their soul.

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