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2022 Suzuki Swift Sport
The fun of manipulating To match the movement of the limbs and breathing The pleasure of running through as a Jinba Ittai. If you control the shift and step on the accelerator, The direct-injection turbo engine accelerates the feeling of sports. For perfect driving, safety performance should be Swift sports that have been mastered without compromise. No matter how long you keep running The feeling of “I want to run more” It stirs up and doesn’t stop.

he power that springs up instantly The passion of the engineer itself. A newly developed booster jet engine that uses a number of the latest technologies and is lightweight and compact. A direct injection system that cools the air-fuel mixture and suppresses knocking while suppressing fuel consumption by injecting fuel directly into the cylinder is adopted. Based on a lightweight and compact engine with improved fuel efficiency, it is equipped with a turbocharger that forcibly sends compressed air using exhaust gas into the cylinder. Powerful torque is exerted from the moment you start running, and if you step further, you can feel the dynamism that power blows up forever.

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