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Blessed James Alberione | Founder of the Pauline Family | Media Missionary | Marvel of our Time

Blessed James Alberione, an Italian Catholic priest, was on 4 April 1884 and was called to his eternal reward on 26 November 1971.
On the night of 31 December 1899, the night that divided the 19th and 20th centuries, Alberione prayed for five hours before the Blessed Sacrament, and contemplating the future, felt that he was called to do something for the people of the new century. Alberione founded a total of ten religious congregations, aggregated institutes, and lay cooperators. These congregations, started by Blessed James Alberione, use modern media technology and publish materials to spread the Word of God and help in personal devotions. Indeed, Alberione is one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th century Church. Alberione was a marvel of his time, a “saint” who dared to dream big for the growth of the Church, answering to the specific needs of the Church of the time.
Alberione was a spiritual guide.
Alberione was a writer and an organizer.
Alberione was a social and religious reformer.
Alberione was an original and creative thinker.
Alberione greatly appreciated the role and dignity of women.
Alberione thought of empowerment of women even at the beginning of the 19th century.
Alberione was a prolific writer who has many books to his credit.

Blessed James Alberione, founder of the Pauline Family, was one of the most creative apostles of the 20th century. Saint Pope John Paul II called him as the first apostle of the new evangelization.
Alberione was convinced of his call and mission. Having been convinced of the command of Jesus Christ that is ‘preach the gospel to all creation,’ Alberione stated that the greatest of saints today would stay by the microphone in order to proclaim their message of truth, justice and peace.
Alberione knew the influence of the media. The machine, the microphone, the screen are our pulpit; the press, the production room, the screening hall and the transmission centre are like the Church. The fastest and the most efficacious work of the Catholic apostolate according to Alberione is to understand the use of the press, the cinema, the radio and the television for better and faster transmission of the Word of God.
He was an instrument for God’s purpose. Jesus Christ used parables and simple narratives as effective tools to impart the values of the Kingdom of God in the minds of ordinary people. Blessed James Alberione, being an instrument of God, considered himself as the pen and the mouth of God, sowing the seeds of God’s wisdom in the minds of ordinary people through media.
On his feast day, let us commit ourselves to use all our gifts and talents in writing, art, music, ability to use social media, etc. to Communicate Christ to the world.

Pauline Sisters are canonically the Daughters of St Paul, a congregation of Pontifical right, founded in 1915.
Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel using the means of communication available.
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