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How to Organise my Refrigerator and My little Home Dispensary

Assalamualaikum everyone welcome back to my channel “Namira’s world”. This is my daily blog channel where i m going to share my daily activities,lifestyle,recipes,and a lot more. i think you all will get benefited from my blog because i will always try to share some tips and tricks about household works and also in cooking etc.

Again i come with a new blog which is about what is in my refrizarator and my little house dispensary. Now housemaid are not allowed for covid-19. stay safe in these situations.I do all work, cooking, cleaning,maintaing children etc.Today i show how i manage my refrizarator and what things i keep there as many one know i have two children for there safety i dont go outside thats why i make little dispensary in my house. To know more watch my vedio Hope you all love my channel and watch my vedios 😍

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