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IICA-COLEACP Caribbean Agrifood Business Series – Session 2 – August 25, 2021

Find more information about the Caribbean Agrifood Business Session in the description below!

This session is part of the Caribbean Agrifood Business Series, a series of bi-monthly events organised by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and COLEACP.

Sustainable agriculture, good practices, bioeconomy, trade, food safety and quality, resilience, and the link between agriculture and tourism are some of the key focus areas for collaborative efforts. The second session of this new series focused on “Promoting Bioeconomy and Green Businesses in the Caribbean: opportunities for SMEs”.

The full programme of this session is available here:
Speakers’ biodata are available here:

0:00:26 Ena HARVEY – IICA Representative, Barbados
0:07:35 Johanan DUJON – founder and CEO, Algas Organics, St Lucia
0:22:24 Gustavo GANDINI – Organic Agricultural, Biodiversity and Environment Coordinator, Banelino, Dominican Republic
0:43:06 Nigel JORDAN – co-founder and CEO, Twigs Naturals, Trinidad and Tobago
0:57:31 Isolina BOTO – Head of Networks and Alliances, COLEACP
1:00:30 Ricardo M. JAMES – Especialista Técnico Senior, Entorno Empresarial y Desarrollo de Exportaciones, OECO
1:16:33 Guy FAURE – Senior Policy Officer, INTPA F3 Sustainable Agri-Food systems and Fisheries, European Commission
1:28:57 Guillaume SIMÕES – Investment Officer, EDFI AgriFI
1:42:46 Q&A session
2:00:22 Escipión J. OLIVEIRA GÓMEZ – Secretario General Adjunto, Transformación Económica Estructural y Comercio, OEACP

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