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Mister Cat – THE BEST Songs for Children | LooLoo Kids Nursery Rhymes and Children`s Songs

This song is about mister cat cat who has a pretty wife and eight kittens who must eat. Mister cat is cannot be a baddie and he is dancing and prancing. Best songs for kids from LooLoo KIDS😁📢Listen on SPOTIFY – 📢Download our app:

Inspire kids to learn new things and discover the world with these educational songs from LooLoo KIDS. We hope that you`ll enjoy all of LooLoo KIDS wonderful children`s music, and have fun singing along with friends and family. You`ll find songs about cats, dogs, farm animals and many more funny animals. Some of our most popular songs are : Johnny Johny Yes Papa, Baby Shark, and Zigaloo Dance.

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Mister Cat Lyrics

There’s a cat outside my house
Tam-dum, ta-dum-tum-tum!
He is looking for a mouse
Tam-dum, ta-dum-tum-tum!
In the dumpster on the street
Tam-dum, ta-dum-tum-tum!
He wants something good to eat.

Mister Cat is dancing,
Mister Cat is prancing,
He really isn’t vicious,
But mice are so delicious.

One year later in his life –
Tam-dum, ta-dum-tum-tum!
There’s a kind and pretty wife,
Tam-dum, ta-dum-tum-tum!
And eight kittens who must eat
Tam-dum, ta-dum-tum-tum!
From the dumpster on the street.

Mister Cat was dancing,
Mister Cat was prancing,
But now he is a daddy
He cannot be a baddy.

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