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PUBG Tamil live with SHARP | Love mood | No team-up No promotion | Donate via Gpay/Paytm 80722-12091

PUBG Tamil live | Friendly stream | No team-up , No promotion | Donate via Gpay/Paytm 80722-12091
Social Media connect:
Live Channel :
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Instagram :
Facebook :
Discord :
Use of joining Sharp family membership:

Sharp Level 1 : Can use custom emoji in comments and in live chat
Sharp Level 2 : Gets separate role in SHARP gaming discord server
Sharp Level 3 : Will accept friend request (in-game request)
Sharp Level 4 : Top priority in discord, Instagram and in in-game
– Be positive & helpful to other viewers.
– Be respectful to moderators.
– Do not self promote!
– Do not ask to play with Sharp.
– Do not ask Sharp to play with other streamers.
– Do not disrespect other streamers or create drama between streamers.
– Do not ask Sharp to play a clip, song, or game.
– Jokes about disorders will result in a ban.
– Racism or discrimination will result in a ban.
– Avoid religious & political discussions.
– No trading or selling of online accounts or currency.
Donate via UPI IDs: sharpytgaming@okicici
Gpay or Paytm: 8072212091

TOP 8 Appreciators

Super Girl : Rs.14100
Jeba Samuel : Rs.12363
Guru Shiva : Rs.12214
Hari Sudhan : Rs.6000
Karthi : Rs.4600
Mohan : Rs.4207
Mani RX100 : Rs.2001
Dyana Kumar : Rs.2000
PC Specs
CPU : Intel Core i5 10400 2.9ghz
GPU : Asus RTX 2060 super oc
SSD : 512 M.2 nvme
HDD : Seagate 1TB
RAM : 16 gb ddr4 3200hz
Mother Board : Tuf gaming
Gaming Gears
Primary monitor : Acer 24″ VG240Y V 1080p 144hz
Secondry Monitor : DELL 19″ E2016H V 600p 60hz
Headset : Logitech G331
Mouse : Logitech G402
Keyboard : HP KM 300
Net :100 Mbps 1200 inr
About Me:
Name : Sanju Raju
Profession : Freelance designer
Age : 20
Residency : Hosur, Tamil Nadu
Highlights Videos :
How to download Game loop 7.1 :
How to download PUBG KR :
How to fix lag in emulator :
How to control recoil :
How to stream PUBG :
How to snipe :
Hi guys, This is SHARP a small streamer from Tamil gaming community.
Hope you guys like my video content, if you like feel free to subscribe.
Music: Intro music name : Drunk in a Shaappu
Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Join membership for more fun…!

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