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Turkiye Burslari winner explains all the processes he followed to settle down in Turkey

Our special guest, Ali explains how he applied for a residence permit, documents required for university, TOMER, and dormitory registration, how he got a new sim card, how he opened a new bank account and so much more. If you just arrived in Turkey, this video could serve as a guide for the entire process. Simply turn on captions/subtitles to get the best watch experience,

Timestamps/ Timecodes:
0:00 Introduction
01:39 – When did you arrive in Turkey?
02:05 – Was there Airport pickup?
03:51 – How did you do your dormitory registration
04:58 – How did you get a new sim card? How much?
05:50 – How was your Turkish C1 exam?
07:05 – How did you apply for your Turkish residence permit?
07:50 – Foreign Identification number for Turkiye Burslari students
08:27 – How to get your Health Insurance
09:00 – Consent letter for those under 18 (Must-watch)
10:36 – Documents needed for Residence Permit
1. Kabul Mektubu (Acceptance Letter)
2. 4 Biometric photos (Get it taken in Turkey)
3. Health Insurance
4. Yurt Belgesi – Dorm Document
5. Email Print out of your foreign identification number
6. Residence permit fee (11:16)
7. Consent Letter ( if under 18)
How to write a consent Letter –
14:07 – Uni vs Tomer registration (same or different?)
14:34 – Documents required for Tomer Registration
16:01 – Documents required for Uni Registration
18:27 – How did you apply for Denklik (Equivalence certificate)?
19:50 – When did you start receiving your monthly stipend?
20:20 – How much do you advise students to bring to Turkey?
21:34 – How did you open your bank account?
23:18 – Ali’s advice to incoming students #DontRush
26:30 – Like, Subscribe and Share

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